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Rovio: Angry Birds Space Downloaded 50 Million Times In 35 Days


Rovio to Houston. The Mighty Eagle as landed. Big time.

Rovio just took to Twitter to announce that its latest Angry Birds installment, Angry Birds Space, was downloaded 50 million times in 35 days. As the company brags, that makes Angry Birds Space the fastest growing mobile game in history. People clearly cannot get enough of flinging upset birds at moderately evil (or perhaps, misunderstood) pigs.

Angry Birds Space launched on March 22 with much fanfare. Rovio had been on a sort of media tour, hyping the gaming to astronomical levels. And for good reason. It had been a full year since a new Angry Birds game hit. Angry Birds Rio launched on March 22, 2011. Rovio had to hype not only the new title, but also the franchise. But, 35 short days later, Angry Birds Space hit the record books, shattering previous benchmarks.

Rovio isn’t going to wait another year this time around. In an interview with TechCrunch Mr. Angry Bird himself, Peter Vesterbacka, promised four new games yet this year.

Rovio: Angry Birds Space Downloaded 50 Million Times In 35 Days

D’oh! Homer Simpson, And His Donut, May Show Up In Angry Birds Space


We heard from Peter Vesterbacka himself that Angry Birds Space would be Rovio’s biggest launch yet. It’s had crazy success since its launch in March, and in proper Rovio fashion, the company has just released an update to the next level: “Fry Me To The Moon.” But with access to the next level, we also get a glimpse of what the level past that might look like, and guess what!

It looks a helluva lot like Homer Simpson’s favorite donut.

So what are the chances that you’ll be hanging with The Simpsons during future sessions of Angry Bird-flinging? Well, nothing’s set in stone yet — Rovio has responded by saying that the company “doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation — but this isn’t far-fetched by any means.” The Simpsons have featured Angry Birds on the show more than once, and Rovio already has a relationship with Fox.

If you didn’t know, Fox is the producer behind The Simpsons, as well as the movie Rio, which is of course part of the Angry Birds Rio franchise.

This opportunity, should the partnership in fact be the real deal, is a big one. I’d guess that a Simpsons-flavored Angry Birds Space level is only the beginning. We could eventually see cross-platform promotion in the form of The Simpsons show and perhaps a movie, and we shouldn’t discount the possibility that Rovio would make an Angry Birds Simpsons game to stand on its own.

Remember, Vesterbacka has promised four new games over the course of 2012, and that doesn’t include AB Space.

D’oh! Homer Simpson, And His Donut, May Show Up In Angry Birds Space

Pre-Order Your Angry Birds Space Plush Toys Now!


Rovio is back! After seemingly resting on the success of the original games, Angry Birds Space launched yesterday with much fanfare. And you know what? It’s a great game. I choose to fling birds through space last night rather than sleeping.

With every great cartoon franchises comes merchandise. Angry Birds Space is no different. Rovio embraced the lucrative power of plush toys since the first game and just put a host of space-themed items up for pre-sales. These six plush toys are just the start of what will likely turn into a full-on invasion from space.

Prices start out at $16 for the 5-inch model. The 8-inch is $20, 12-inch $38, and 16-inch is $75. The first batch is expected to ship out in late May or early June and includes all six angry space birds including my favorite, Lazer Bird.

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka detailed to TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook that more goods are on the way. Angry Birds Space is Rovio’s biggest launch, he said, and the company is attempting to position the game specifically well for the Chinese market. Expect to see Angry Birds Space everywhere — expect on Windows Phone devices.

Pre-Order Your Angry Birds Space Plush Toys Now!

The Mighty Eagle Himself, Peter Vesterbacka, Offers First In-Depth Demo Of Angry Birds Space


I’ve been excited about Angry Birds Space since before I even knew about it. It’s like that awful Savage Garden song: “I think I dreamed it into life.” The only thing is that I didn’t dream it into life; Peter Vesterbacka and his amazing team at Rovio did. And after getting a sneak peek at the latest and greatest Angry Birds, I can confidently say that this will be the best version to date.

Vesterbacka has said it before, but he made it very clear again this morning that Angry Birds Space is set to be Rovio’s biggest launch ever. Merchandise, including plush toys that we have sitting here in the office, will be available right on launch day, March 22. Rovio has also created a comprehensive guide to Angry Birds Space in collaboration with The Daily, complete with new character profiles, info on space, and detailed explanations from NASA on the physics of the game.

Speaking of the game, Angry Birds Space is fundamentally different from previous versions when it comes to game play. Since space just so happens to be a zero-gravity environment, the idea of catapulting birds into pig-filled structures doesn’t translate so easily. But that’s kind of the point.

Angry Birds Space uses strategically placed gravity wells and planetary bodies to direct your birds, rather than an even gravitational pull. This paired with new characters and one of the most beautiful Angry Birds settings I’ve ever seen should make for yet another Rovio hit.

Vesterbacka noted that Rovio is much more than a gaming company, it’s a “next-generation entertainment franchise.” And the company is more than a game maker, indeed.

On our way down to the lobby post-interview, the Mighty Eagle mentioned that Rovio is trying to leverage the Chinese market as much as possible. He said the number of copy cat Angry Birds products in China is more flattering than frustrating, and that the company only ever intervenes when a copy cat is hurting the brand. He used the example of a coffee cup maker using lead to build the Angry Birds-style mug.

“I think [people in China] see that we understand the counterfeiting culture of the country and appreciate that we want to be a part of it, and in turn, they’d rather buy our products than the knockoffs,” said Vesterbacka. Rovio plans on having at least 200 retail locations up and running in China by the end of this year/early next year.

Speaking of yearly goals, Rovio will have four more Angry Birds titles (not including Angry Birds Space) available on iOS and Android by the end of 2012. That’s one helluva busy year, if you ask me.

Rovio’s been staffing up as of late, growing from 50 employees to a current 200 Rovio workers. The office in Beijing should also be growing from a handful to around 50 in the coming months, and Vesterbacka said he’s definitely interested in scooping up some of those copycat product designers.

Long story short, Rovio isn’t going to fizzle out anytime soon.

“We always try to surprise and really delight our fans,” said Vesterbacka. “What you can expect from us is the unexpected.”

(Editors’ Note: This is an updated version of an earlier video, which we are just re-publishing now. So if you saw this post before and are wondering why it’s here again, you’re not going crazy. Our apologies.)

The Mighty Eagle Himself, Peter Vesterbacka, Offers First In-Depth Demo Of Angry Birds Space

Rovio Goes Gravity-Free With Angry Birds Space (Video)

Screen shot 2012-03-08 at 11.10.21 AM

Curious how Rovio planned on dealing with physics in the forthcoming Angry Birds Space? I have been, too. If we presume that Rovio is playing by the physical laws of space, a lack of gravity fundamentally changes the game. But apparently, that’s the point.

Rovio took us to the international space station, courtesy of the video below of course, to show us a little bit about how the new version of the game will work. An astronaut, Don Pettit, did a little demo flinging a plush red bird in a zero gravity environment. It should go without saying, but that little red bird flew straighter than an arrow through the space station.

“We’re seeing all of this in a weightless environment, which is what Angry Birds Space will look like, with gravitational fields from planetary bodies,” said Pettit.

But then we got to the really cool part: the first time any of us have seen Angry Birds Space in action. And boy, does it look awesome. Those planetary bodies he mentioned pull the bird in, and change the course of the trajectory. And if you’re paying close enough attention you’ll notice that some of our favorite birds, Big Red and Yellow, have changed outfits. Big Red is now Big Green, and Yellow is now swathed in a lovely shade of purple.

It’s worth considering the meaning behind Angry Birds switching things up so drastically. All three versions of the game — Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons — have gone on to be monstrously successful. But are people getting bored?

Angry Birds Space will be significantly more challenging than previous versions of the game, and after years of success not fixing what isn’t broken, I think we can all agree a refresh is in order.

Update: I reached out to the Mighty Eagle himself, Peter Vesterbacka, to see if Rovio chose space (and thus, a zero-gravity environment) to make the game more challenging? Here’s what he had to say:

@jordanrcrook there’s zero gravity in space, but planets and gravity wells make it more fun.

— Peter Vesterbacka (@pvesterbacka) March 8, 2012

Rovio Goes Gravity-Free With Angry Birds Space (Video)