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Daily Crunch: Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 10

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1. This is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and 10+
The landscape has changed dramatically since the Galaxy Note was first unveiled in 2011, with Samsung pulling the rest of the industry into a world of bigger screens.
Now, the question is how to make the latest updates compelling. With the Note 10 and 10+ (available August 23 at a starting price of $950), Samsung is splitting the line into two distinct devices, and it’s getting rid of the headphone jack.
2. Google launches ‘Live View’ AR walking directions for Google Maps
The Live View feature isn’t designed with the idea that you’ll hold up your phone continually as you walk. Instead, in provides quick, easy and super-useful orientation by showing you arrows and big, readable street markers overlaid on the real scene in front of you.
3. Lyft’s stock is a roller coaster after its Q2 earnings release
Despite big losses, what made Wall Street happy was Lyft’s optimism for Q3, as well as the full-year 2019.
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4. Netflix signs multi-year deal with ‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal is worth $200 million. This follows expensive Netflix pacts with other high-profile showrunners, including Ryan Murphy ($300 million) and Shonda Rhimes ($100 million).
5. Instagram ad partner secretly sucked up and tracked millions of users’ locations and stories
Hyp3r, an apparently trusted marketing partner of Facebook and Instagram, has been secretly collecting and storing location and other data on millions of users, violating the policies of the social networks, according to Business Insider.
6. Sperm storage startups are raising millions
Both Dadi and Legacy recently raised funding, hoping to leverage venture capital dollars to become the dominant men’s fertility brand.
7. How to fundraise in August
Danny Crichton argues that although August is generally considered a black hole for VC, using it effectively for fundraising is perhaps the single most important factor for success in the coming season. (Extra Crunch membership required.)

Daily Crunch: Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Fold launch date will be announced in ‘coming weeks’

May has come and gone, and we’re nearly halfway done with June. All we seem to really know about the Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, is that it’s still coming…at some point. In a comment earlier today, Samsung promised a launch date for the delayed foldable “in the coming weeks.” It’s a familiar refrain at this point, of course.
Initially planned for an April 26 launch, the hardware giant hit pause on the device after multiple problems were reported among a small batch of review units. Samsung initially placed the blame for display problems on reviews, but ultimately announced it was going back to the drawing board.
A month and a half after the promised launched, we’re still no closer to knowing the new date. It’s not a great look for Samsung, but it’s a hell of a lot better than subjecting the product to a pair of recalls à la the Galaxy Note. It’s a new category based around a new technology, so one ultimately can’t blame Samsung for being cautious here. Of course, the case could certainly be made that these sort of precautions would have been better to take prior to putting these out in the wild, but here we are.
Reviewers aren’t supposed to serve as beta testers, but the company is probably better off getting these issues out of the way before wider release.

Galaxy Fold launch date will be announced in ‘coming weeks’

Камера iPhone XS хуже, чем у Huawei Mate 20 Pro и Pixel 3

Большинство флагманских смартфонов 2018 года уже были представлены покупателям, а те, что еще ждут премьеры, были тщательно изучены благодаря многочисленным утечкам. Galaxy Note 9 и iPhone XS, наверное, были самыми ожидаемыми телефонами этого года. Когда

What we know about the Note 9

Some companies keep products a closely guarded secret, like they were nuclear codes or ingredients to a popular cola. Others seem less concerned about the whole thing, as long as it keeps people talking. Based on all we’ve seen from the Galaxy Note 9 to date, it seems that Samsung falls firmly into the latter camp.
Of course, it’s key to point out that we won’t really know what the new handset is all about until its big reveal at Unpacked on Thursday. But also, we really know what it’s all about because, I mean, look at all these leaks.
That said, there’s probably still plenty of reason to pay attention to the event. Given the fact that the company opted not to wait to announce the Galaxy Tab S4 could point to even more big product announcements in the coming months.
There have been various other rumors swirling around these past few weeks and months, including a lot of speculation around a new Samsung Gear watch that could make its debut at the same event.
The Note 9, on the other hand, has all but stood up and announced its presence. In addition to your standard array of rumors, there have been a few egregious leaks on Samsung’s part, including a top executive using the new device in public and Samsung posting a promo video to YouTube.
Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming phablet.
By all accounts, the design language hasn’t changed much since the last generation device — in fact, that’s likely the reason DJ Koh thought he could go unnoticed using the phone. There is, however, one major tell that tipped off viewers to the fact that the executive was using something new.

Originally rumored to be located under screen, the fingerprint sensor has, indeed, been moved. This time, out, however, it’s under the camera, rather than beside it — addressing a key complaint with the Note 8’s design, which found users fumbling with the camera lens when attempting to unlock the device.
The dimensions are reportedly roughly the same here, as well. At 161.9 x 76.3 x 8.8mm, the device is marginally shorter than its predecessors, due perhaps in part to thinner bezels on the top and bottom. The display, meanwhile, is the ever so slightly larger at 6.4-inches to the 8’s 6.3.

Samsung’s made it pretty clear from the start that battery life is a primary focus for the new device. The company appeared to confirm early rumors that the handset would be sporting a 4,000mAh battery in an early teaser that openly mocked the iPhone’s relatively small offering (as is Samsung’s M.O. these days).

That’s a 700mAh jump over the Note 8’s offering, and puts the forthcoming handset toward the top of the phone battery heap. It also bucks Samsung’s recent trend of battery modesty, in the wake of the ongoing Note 7 fiasco. The company apologized profusely, instituted strict testing guidelines, and the phone buying public appears to have mostly forgiven and forgotten the whole kerfuffle.
Subsequent teasers, meanwhile, have focused on additional storage and performance enhancements. A massive 512GB version is rumored to be on tap and will no doubt cost a pretty penny. That can be augmented by up to a terrabyte, courtesy of the microSD slot.

#Samsung – #GalaxyNote9 – Samsung Galaxy Note 9 live images leaked https://t.co/WEgJIsWtEy pic.twitter.com/kMwHm7kpBc
— /LEAKS (@Slashleaks) July 17, 2018

This is a no-brainer. Camera updates have been the focus of virtually every flagship phone release. That said, this is one of the few pieces of the phone that’s still a relative mystery.

The company’s beloved stylus was clearly a focus from the outset. In fact, the Unpacked invitation shows a closeup of the S-Pen’s button on a yellow background. The new leaked video confirms the vibrant new color scheme, which, at the very least, should make it a bit harder to lose.

S Pen? pic.twitter.com/xizmWw9J2W
— Evan Blass (@evleaks) July 17, 2018

The company has also strongly hinted that S-Pen improvements will be a focus for the new phone, but these have mostly managed to stay under wraps. Suggested functionality includes non-drawing controls for things like music playback and remote unlock.
Headphone Jack

Yep, still here. After all, it was only a few weeks ago that the company was mocking Apple for what it perversely deemed a “double-dongle” required to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time. It remains a key differentiator between Samsung’s handsets and the iPhone, and as such, is likely sticking around for a wwhile. All of the leaks thus far appear to confirm this.

What we know about the Note 9

Galaxy Note 9: фото, характеристики, цены и дата выхода

До выхода флагманского планшетофона Samsung осталось менее двух недель. Презентация Galaxy Note 9 должна пройти 9-го августа, что на 2-3 недели раньше, чем прошлогодний анонс. Корейский производитель старается успеть побыстрее представить на рынке модель,