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One More Time: Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III?


The amount of leaks, rumors and hype around the Samsung Galaxy S III are reaching iPhone-ish proportions. Consumers obviously want this phone. The latest set of alleged pics show a phone clearly born of Galaxy S pedigree but there’s no way of knowing if they’re the real thing.

The picture quality is of course a bit bad. It looks like it was taken with an iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab. Either way, the phone in question arguably matches up with the design cues of current Samsung devices albeit one a bit farther down the evolutionary trail.

It shows a larger screen — it might be bigger than the Galaxy Nexus — along with a front facing camera and slightly different bezel design. Gizmodo Brazil also notes that the upcoming phone will have a 12MP rear-facing camera — we heard 8MP previously.

So is this the real McCoy? I sadly have no idea, friends. As Jordan pointed out last week, there have been a large number of supposedly Samsung Galaxy S III leaks over the last few months and none of them look the same. That said, these pics look the most legit yet.

One More Time: Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III?

Sprint Goes Green (Yet Again) With The Eco-Conscious LG Optimus Elite


Well, Sprint certainly seems hell-bent on making this Earth Day one to remember. Not only have they decided to launch the LTE-friendly LG Viper and Galaxy Nexus on April 22, Sprint has announced that they have chosen that same day to release the new eco-friendly LG Optimus Elite.

Unlike the flashier handsets launching alongside it, the Optimus Elite is unlikely to turn too many heads. It’s a strictly entry-level device, though I imagine its $30 price tag (after a $50 mail-in rebate) should help it pick up a little steam among first time smartphowners.

And what exactly does $30 net you these days? Pretty much exactly what you’d expect — a 3.5-inch display, a single-core 800 MHz processor, and a 5-megapixel rear camera, all conveniently wrapped in a body made of 50% recycled plastic. Like its big brother the Viper, the Optimus Elite also runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, because you apparently can’t be environmentally conscious and up-to-date at the same time.

I’m having a very tough time seeing what’s so elite about this thing, but it isn’t completely without surprises. The Optimus Elite sports an NFC chip and support for Google Wallet, so we cheapskates can finally tap to pay for our Slurpees. Users who take the plunge will also be able to score 50GB of free storage from Box, though I’m guessing it’s the same sort of limited-time deal that Dropbox has in place with partners like Samsung and HTC.

Here’s a quick word of warning though: if you’ve somehow succumbed to the Optimus Elite’s charms, you had best steer clear of Sprint stores comes April 22. You see, Sprint intends to start selling the Optimus Elite on their website and over the phone on the 22nd — you’ll be able to saunter into a Sprint store and walk out with an Elite of your very own come May 18. In the meantime though, I’ll just ball up in a corner and wait for LG to release some of their fabled high-end hardware around these parts.

Sprint Goes Green (Yet Again) With The Eco-Conscious LG Optimus Elite

Sprint’s $199 Galaxy Nexus Launches On April 22 With $40 Google Wallet Credit In Tow


If they haven’t already done it, Sprint customers in need of an upgrade should make it a point to circle April 22 on their calendars.

Not only has Sprint chosen that day to launch their eco-friendly LG Viper, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier has just confirmed on Twitter that the Galaxy Nexus will be available for $199 (with contract) that same day.

As far as the device’s hardware goes, hardly anything has changed since it launched on Verizon late last year. Rumors of a slightly snappier processor have been shot down — the Sprint Galaxy Nexus retains the 1.2GHz dual-core chipset seen in its cousin, as well as the 32GB of internal storage and super-fast 5-megapixel rear camera.

Going for the Galaxy on Sprint does have a few advantages though, especially if you’ve chosen to dive headlong into Google’s ecosystem of services.

Google has arguably had a closer relationship with Sprint than most other wireless carriers here in the States — Sprint is still the only carrier to provide considerable integration with Google Voice, and Sprint’s Nexus S 4G was the first device to officially get Google Wallet support. Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus seems to keep that tradition going strong, as anyone who activates Google Wallet on their GalNex within seven days of purchase will get a $40 Google Wallet credit on top of the standard $10 that comes pre-loaded.

Between these two devices and HTC’s Evo 4G LTE, Sprint has got a hell of an LTE portfolio in place. Sadly, there’s still no sign of that much-anticipated LTE network (outside of Kankakee, Illinois anyway), so those of you looking to take the plunge will have to putter along on 3G for a little while yet.

Sprint’s $199 Galaxy Nexus Launches On April 22 With $40 Google Wallet Credit In Tow

No LTE, No Problem: Sprint’s $100 LG Viper Goes Up For Pre-Order On April 12


Sprint still hasn’t launched their new LTE network yet, but if a new announcement about a LTE-capable handset is any indication, they’re getting pretty close. Though the existence of a Sprint-bound Galaxy Nexus probably overshadowed it a bit, Sprint has announced that LG’s eco-friendly Viper handset will be available for pre-order beginning on April 12 with a release soon to follow.

There’s no word yet on when the Viper will actually hit Sprint’s sale’s channels, though recent rumors point to an April 15 launch date.

In case the Viper has slipped your mind since January (something I can’t really blame you for), it features a solid if unremarkable spec sheet. We’re looking at 4-inch WVGA NOVA display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, NFC/Google Wallet support, a 5-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front-facer. Sadly, the Viper will only be giving users a taste of Gingerbread, though some of the preloaded apps make the package a bit more compelling — who couldn’t use 50GB of free cloud storage from Box?

The Viper seems destined to occupy that rung below the Galaxy Nexus and the not-yet-confirmed-but-probably-real EVO One, but for $100 (after a $50 mail-in rebate, yuck), it’s a small price to pay for the first crack at Sprint LTE. Or is it? That distinction aside, the Viper reminds me an awful lot of Verizon’s Lucid, another LG device. Both appear to be completely respectable devices sitting at a compelling price point, albeit with a lack of star power.

It’s still too early to pass judgment on the Viper, but with the Galaxy Nexus on the horizon and HTC’s own device getting ready to be officially unveiled, Sprint customers are best off sitting tight for now.

No LTE, No Problem: Sprint’s $100 LG Viper Goes Up For Pre-Order On April 12

AmazonWireless Exits Beta, Now Offers Price-Matching Guarantee, $25 Worth Of Free Mobile Apps


AmazonWireless.com, Amazon’s dedicated shopping site for cell phone and tablet buyers, is finally exiting beta today, following its launch in July of 2009. The change in status may mean nothing to regular mobile shoppers, who have long known of and used the service to compare devices, or who were attracted there when Amazon ran crazy sales – like when it listed all its Verizon phones for just a penny, for example. It has also be known to offer some impressive discounts on flagship phones, such as the $199 Galaxy Nexus and the $111.11 Droid RAZR.

But Amazon hopes to get on the radar of all mainstream users as it goes public, which has led it to launch two new benefits for customers: a price-matching guarantee and $25 worth of free mobile apps with purchase.

The company says it will guarantee the best pricing on phones with service from all major carriers. Anyone finding a lower price for the same product with the same service plan within 14 days of their Amazon purchase will be credited the difference. And if Amazon lowers its own price within 14 days, the same benefit will also apply.(Amazon doesn’t say it would automatically credit you when it lowered its own pricing, so keep your eyes peeled.)

In addition, the site is now leveraging Amazon’s other mobile storefront – Appstore for Android – in order to offer new phone and tablet buyers free mobile apps. Any customer purchasing an Android phone will be able to choose from a selection of apps made available after they download the Amazon Appstore app onto their device. The deal includes popular titles, includingMahjong Artifacts ($4.99), Shazam Encore ($4.99), Office Suite Pro ($9.99) and more.

These apps will be made available right at checkout to customers, so they can be installed immediately after launching the Amazon Appstore on their device.

The news of the public “launch”of the website comes on the heels of another report, which says Amazon is now testing its own in-app payment system for its Appstore, which would allow developers to offer both one-off purchases as well as subscriptions through apps. Combined with its efforts to popularize the Kindle Fire as the only real iPad alternative, the move to create an enticing storefront to sell its own hardware devices, plus those of others, and then tap into the growing customer base involving Android owners, has positioned Amazon to do what Google has not yet – make Android a worthwhile business, both for developers and itself alike.

AmazonWireless Exits Beta, Now Offers Price-Matching Guarantee, $25 Worth Of Free Mobile Apps