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The Battle Continues: Apple/Samsung Injunction Hearing Set For September 20


Oh, you thought this whole mess was over now that Samsung has to pony up $1.049 billion in damages to its bitter rival Apple? Not by a long shot. According to The Verge, Samsung and Apple attorneys have been talking with Judge Koh about a preliminary injunction hearing, and have apparently agreed to schedule it on September 20.

Now that Apple has a considerable jury verdict to back up its claims, you can expect the company to push Samsung hard to either license the infringed patents in question (meaning Samsung would have to pay out even more money on top of the damages it already owes) or bar the Korean electronics giant from peddling some of its questionable wares in the United States.

Apple’s clearly not shy when pushing for that latter option too — the company won a preliminary injunction against the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus earlier this year (ordered by the same judge, no less), a move Samsung quickly appealed.

This song and dance is already familiar to both parties, which hopefully means they’ll make judicious use of their time. According to Judge Koh, Apple will file its motion by August 29th, after which Samsung’s (undoubtedly bummed) legal team will have two weeks to cobble together its crucial response. From there, Apple has two days to whip up a response to the response. Just like in these proceedings, both Apple and Samsung are stuck with page limits for all their filings, so neither of them can afford to go off on tangents.

The Battle Continues: Apple/Samsung Injunction Hearing Set For September 20

With Its Launch Looming, Apple Seeks Injunction To Stop Galaxy S III Sales


Eager Samsung fans have been waiting patiently for their chance to purchase the long-awaited Galaxy S III on June 21 (for some carriers, anyway), but that wait could turn out to be longer than expected if Apple has their way.

Apple got their hands on an international version of the Galaxy S III not long ago, and came away none too pleased after they spent some time inspecting it. Now, the Cupertino company is trying to bar Samsung from selling their highly-hyped handset in the United States because it allegedly infringes two of Apple’s software patents.

To understand this whole situation a little better, we need to go back to this past February. At the time, Apple sought an injunction against Samsung (and more specifically, the Galaxy Nexus later on) because they claimed Samsung infringed patents that dealt with slide-to-unlock functionality (#8,046,721), a typing interface that suggests words, (#8,074,172), a unified search interface (#8,086,604), and the ability to tie device actions to particular data structures (#5,946,647).

Upon messing around with the Galaxy S III, Apple has come to the conclusion that Samsung’s Siri-esque S Voice intelligent assistant service falls under the category of a unified search interface and thus infringes their patent. Apple also takes issue with the ability for GSIII owners to, say, touch a phone number to fire up the device’s dialer, though that’s nothing new. That last patent also happens to be the one that HTC got dinged on when they tried to bring One X and EVO 4G LTE shipments into the U.S., so Apple seems to be getting pretty good mileage out of that one.

Apple has a preliminary injunction hearing set for tomorrow to discuss their Galaxy Nexus case, and what they’ve been trying to do is shoehorn the Galaxy S III into those proceedings as well. Samsung seems to be taking this whole situation in stride though, and company representatives note that they don’t expect this issue to delay the Galaxy S III’s big launch later this month.

Furthermore, Samsung officially replied to the complaint earlier today, claiming that Apple shouldn’t be allowed to squeeze the Galaxy S III into their existing motion — they argue that Apple should have to file a brand new motion instead. Whether or not the judge will agree with Apple’s rationale is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure — tomorrow’s going to be a pretty interesting day for everyone involved.

With Its Launch Looming, Apple Seeks Injunction To Stop Galaxy S III Sales

Google Opens New ‘Devices’ Section In The Google Play Store To Sell The Unlocked Galaxy Nexus


And just like that, Google is selling smartphones again. Andy Rubin, Google’s SVP of Mobile and Digital Content, just officially pulled back the curtains on a new section in the Google Play Store where Google will offer hardware directly to customers. The first device to go on sale is the unlocked GSM version of Samsung’s venerable Galaxy Nexus, which will sell for $399 but only in the U.S. (for now, anyway).

Google has been down this path before when they began selling the unlocked, unsubsidized Nexus One back in 2010. The plan, as you may already know, didn’t work out so well. When it came time to launch the Nexus S, Google and Samsung decided to take a more traditional approach to handset sales by offering it exclusively at Best Buy stores across the country.

For what it’s worth, Google seems to have learned from the missteps made back when the Nexus One was the Android handset to beat — with Google, HTC, and T-Mobile fingerprints all over the original Nexus, the question for some customers was about who they should turn to for support. Rubin notes that the company has “implemented new customer support services to improve the purchasing experience on Google Play,” but by selling a device with an unlocked pentaband GSM radio, users will have to deal directly with carriers for service and provisioning.

With a new section in the Google Play Store meant specifically for hardware now open, it’s hard not to think of recent rumors that Google will soon be offering a slew of co-branded tablets directly to consumers. It seems unlikely to me that Google would carve out a space in the Google Play Store if their intentions were to simply sell an unlocked Galaxy Nexus and nothing more — after all, it’s called the Devices section.

Google representatives were understandably tight-lipped about what sort of hardware would eventually find its way to the Devices section, though it’s easy to see how tablets would be a good fit. While the Galaxy Nexus is a great device (my Verizon unit accompanies me everywhere), phones only represent one aspect of the Google/Android ecosystem.

Tablets, after all, provide a distinctly different user experience and their bigger screens would lend themselves well to some of the content types Google offers in the Google Play store. I can’t imagine that Google wouldn’t want to offer a tablet or two to capitalize on the strength of their media environment down the road, but for now we’ll just have to make do with a wonderful Android handset.

Google Opens New ‘Devices’ Section In The Google Play Store To Sell The Unlocked Galaxy Nexus

Droid Incredible 4G LTE Appears On Verizon Promo Site With $299 Price Tag


It’s been spotted in leaked press renders and blurry photos before, but Verizon has just recently (and perhaps inadvertently) made the new Droid Incredible nice and official. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE just popped up on Verizon’s Droid Does promotional site, and while you can’t have one just yet, it’s comforting to know that it’ll see the light of say sooner rather than later.

In addition to a mildly unnerving robo-lady talking up the device’s LTE radio and HTC’s Sense UI, the site also confirms most of the specs that have been previously reported.

The Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Incredible 4G LTE indeed sports a 1.2GHz dual-core processor (though as usual, they don’t mention what make), 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera, in addition to a 4-inch qHD Super LCD display, 8GB of internal storage, and the now-standard Beats Audio profile.

All of that is squeezed into a frame that comes in at 0.46-inches thick — a bit more of a handful than your iPhone or Galaxy Nexus, though I imagine the difference won’t mean much for anyone but the most jaded sticklers. The device also features the same sort of hardware navigation key layout as seen in the HTC One series, though I wish Verizon and HTC would have opted to carry over more of the One series’ wonderful industrial design language.

According to the Droid Does site, Verizon could be sell the Droid Incredible 4G LTE (I’m getting really tired of typing that out) for the princely sum of $299 with a two-year contract — I say “could” because there are plenty of references on the page to the Droid Razr MAXX, which coincidentally costs exactly that. Hell, despite having a Buy Now link placed prominently on the page, clicking the link takes you to the product page for the Motorola Razr MAXX. Something seems slightly amiss here, and I’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Droid Incredible 4G LTE Appears On Verizon Promo Site With $299 Price Tag

HTC One S Review: Head-To-Head With The One X And iPhone 4S

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 2.02.05 PM

I’ve been fiddling around with the HTC One S for a few days now, and I have to say it’s stolen a little piece of my heart. The hardware is just about perfect, with a 4.3-inch qHD display and a slender aluminum unibody shell, and software like HTC’s Sense 4 overlay and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich only sweeten the deal.

But, as per usual, there’s plenty to consider out there. The wide world of mobile only grows wider by the second, with hot new phones launching left and right. Just today, Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper landed on store shelves, and lest we forget that the iPhone 4S is ready and waiting while the One X is mere days away.

So many options.

To help, we’ve put the One S up against it’s greatest competitors, the HTC One X and the iPhone 4S, in a spec showdown. Who will come out on top? Well, my dear readers, that ball is in your court.

Admittedly, the One S has lesser specs than both the One X and the iPhone 4S, but it makes up for these inadequacies in the little things. And it’s the little things that count, right?

The iPhone 4S has the superior display, to be sure, and the One X is a close second to Apple’s precious in terms of ppi, but there’s something to be said for screen size. The 4.3-inch display on the One S is juuust right, as Goldilocks would say, and the phone feels super comfortable in the hand.

This is because HTC found a way to walk that fine line between being lightweight and feeling cheap. It’s quietly brilliant.

Of course, the brilliance of iOS can’t be had on the One S, nor can Apple’s premium design or 64GB of onboard storage. But maybe Apple isn’t your favorite flavor.

Might I suggest the One X? Especially if you’re an AT&T loyalist — the One S is only available at T-Mobile for the time being. This phone is for the giant-handed Android fan who appreciates a solid design and a well-spec’d device.

Luckily, pricing is about the same across the board here, so it really comes down to what suits you best.

What’ll it be, guys?

HTC One S Review: Head-To-Head With The One X And iPhone 4S