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«МиГ» не заплатил 65 млн российскому телеком-разработчику за «железо» Huawei

«МиГ», не заплативший поставщику за ПАК для системы
виртуализации автоматизированных рабочих мест, теперь будет вынужден сделать
это по решению суда. Обиженным господрядчиком выступил символ отечественного импортозамещения
«железа» в телекоме — компания «Булат», хотя поставлять ему в данном случае
пришлось оборудование Huawei.
«МиГ» не заплатил 65 млн российскому телеком-разработчику за «железо» Huawei

Samsung’s Note 10 is available today, starting at $949

Samsung’s settled into a nice little twice-yearly schedule for releasing flagships. That’s allowed the company double the opportunity to introduce some nice upgrades to their high-end Android handsets. Nearly six months after the release of the S10, the company just dropped the new Note line. Here’s a whole bunch of words I wrote about the 10+, the larger of the devices, which is helping distinguish the two lines with an utterly gigantic 6.8-inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review

Interestingly the Note 10 marks a rare (albeit very slight) step down in screen size over the last generation, to a still-large 6.3-inches. The company says it’s hoping that the smaller device will appeal to first-time Note users and maybe even convince Galaxy S buyers to transfer over to S-Pen Station.

The smaller size also helps keep the device just under $1,000, at $949. Which is becoming shockingly rarer amongst flagships these days. Even as fewer people are buying phones, they keep getting more expensive. That certainly applies to the $1,100 Note 10+ and the $1,299 Note 10+ 5G (also available now, as a Verizon exclusive).

The TL;DR of last week’s review is that this is a very good phone that gets even better. Nothing particularly revolutionary, but it’s a nice design, great camera and just generally good stuff all the way around. If big and flashy is your thing, Samsung’s got you covered with the new Note.

Samsung’s Note 10 is available today, starting at $949

Realme 5 и 5 Pro: мощный 4-камерный бюджетник за 9 000 рублей

Компания Realme представила новое поколение недорогих, но достойных телефонов для развивающихся рынков. Интересные характеристики Realme 5 и 5 Pro, стильный внешний вид (судя по фото) и весьма аппетитный ценник делают новые модели потенциальными бестселле

МегаФон проводит первый 5G- турнир по киберспорту в России

В ходе соревнований МегаФон впервые продемонстрирует реальное применение и работу действующей 5G-базовой станции в Москва-Сити.
МегаФон проводит первый 5G- турнир по киберспорту в России

DoorDash reveals details of its new tipping model

DoorDash announced last month that it would be changing its controversial tipping model. Today it’s revealing the basics of how the new system will work.
Under the past model, Dashers (DoorDash drivers and other delivery people) were guaranteed a minimum payment per delivery, with DoorDash paying a $1 base, then providing an additional payment boost when a customer’s tip wasn’t enough to meet the minimum — a system that made it seem like tips were being used to subsidize DoorDash payments.
Under the new system, DoorDash will pay a base between $2 and $10 (the amount will depend on things like delivery distance and duration), with additional bonuses from DoorDash.
Most crucially, as CEO Tony Xu put it in a blog post, “Every dollar customers tip will be an extra dollar in their Dasher’s pocket.”
Now, you might think that’s how tips are always supposed to work, but Xu said the old system was developed “in direct response to feedback from Dashers,” while the new one will result in “greater variability in total earnings from order to order” (that variability is one of several reasons why tipping is a flawed compensation model in general).
So why change?
“We thought we were doing the right thing for Dashers by making them whole if a customer left no tip, but the feedback we’ve received recently made clear that some of our customers who were leaving tips felt like their tips didn’t matter,” Xu said. “We realized that we couldn’t continue to do right by Dashers if some customers felt we weren’t also doing right by them. To ensure that all of our users have a great experience on DoorDash, we needed to strike a better balance.”
Plus, he said, “Dashers will [now] earn more money on average — both from DoorDash and overall.”
The company plans to roll out these changes to all Dashers next month.

DoorDash will change controversial tipping model

DoorDash reveals details of its new tipping model